Senior leadership team

Each member of the Council's Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has key areas of responsibility, but together are jointly responsible (under the Chief Executive) for turning the strategic direction of the Council - set by its elected councillors - into operational policy.

SLT is also responsible for the forward-looking approach to delivering services and its transformation programme - ensuring the Council is best placed to meet the future needs of the community within the funding available. This involves working in partnership with other local authorities, the private, public and voluntary sectors and ensuring service delivery changes to meet the demands of new legislation.

All SLT post holders are non-political and cannot participate in party political activity. They give advice and assistance to all councillors irrespective of their political party.

Andrew Blake Herbert - Chief Executive

Andrew Blake-Herbert



 Pay scale -  from £165,561 to £170,000 

 More information about the Chief Executive





Jane West - Chief Operating Officer 

Jane west

  • Section 151
  • Policy and Performance
  • Culture and Customer Access
  • Transformation
  • Communications

Pay scale - from £114,888 to £131,301




Caroline Bruce - Interim Director of Neighbourhoods

  • Housing
  • Environment
  • Regulatory Services
  • Economic Development and Regeneration

Pay scale - from £114,888 to £131,301

Barbara Nicholls - Director of Adults and Health

Barbara Nicholls

  • Older People
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Mental Health
  • Physical and Learning Disability
  • Personalisation of Adult Social Care
  • Prevention and Reablement
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Health Partnership
  • Accountable Care Organisation

Pay scale - from £114,888 to £131,301

Tim Aldridge - Director of Children's Services

Tim Aldridge

  • Child Protection
  • Fostering & Adoption
  • Youth Offending Team
  • Children's Centres
  • Early Help
  • Troubled Families
  • Principal Social Worker for Children and Adults
  • Looked after Children
  • Learning and Achievement

Pay scale - from £114,888 to £131,301


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