The chief executive

The chief executive is the principal advisor to the Council and head of the paid service.

The Council's Senior Leadership Team includes the chief executive, chief operating officer and three directors.

Between them they manage all of the Council's activities and deliver over 300 services every day.

​​Reporting to full Council, the role of the Chief Executive is principally to:

  • develop the vision and plans to secure a high performing and well managed authority
  • work towards the provision of excellent services by personal example, inspirational leadership and empowerment in partnerships
  • lead and manage the Council's staff to ensure a corporate and co-ordinated approach is adopted for the provision of services
  • challenge the status quo and current assumptions to break down barriers for future service provision
  • represent the Council professionally as its ambassador, negotiator and advocate
  • be head of the paid service and returning officer for elections

Andrew Blake-Herbert - Chief Executive

Telephone: 01708 432201

Andrew is responsible for over 3,000 members of staff (excluding school staff) and a turnover of c.£0.5 billion for services ranging from social services, libraries, parks and schools to maintaining and improving roads.

The post of the chief executive is non political. Andrew can not participate in party political activity and gives advice and assistance to all councillors irrespective of their political party. 

As the Returning Officer for the Council, Andrew has overall responsibility to ensure that elections are equitable and run smoothly.

Havering’s pay scale for the Chief Executive is £178,761 to £185,394.

Andrew receives no bonuses, overtime or any other additional salary payments.

He received payment from the Council for his duties as Returning Officer for local elections. As Counting Officer for the EU Referendum, Andrew received £8,348.

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