Vote by post

How it works

You can apply to vote by post if you are unable to go to your polling station on election day, or if you simply prefer to vote by post.

You can request a postal application form at any time of the year.

The deadline for the receipt of postal vote application form is 11 working days before the day of an election.

If you live overseas, consider how long it may take your postal vote to arrive as this could affect us receiving your vote in time to be counted. 

You may wish to apply for a proxy vote instead.

The Elections Act 2022 will change the current postal voting process. Subject to secondary legislation, the Elections Act will implement the following.

  1. Electors will be required to provide ID when applying for a postal vote
  2. Require postal voters to reapply for a postal vote every 3 years
  3. Restrict the number of postal votes electors are allowed to hand in at a polling station to 6
  4. Political parties and campaigners will be prevented from handing in postal votes.

Further information on the Elections Act 2022 can be found on our Elections Act page.

Apply for a postal vote

To apply for a postal vote for future elections, please print off our postal vote application form.

Returning your postal vote application form

Once completed, you can return your postal vote application form to us in the post or by email.

We can accept a photograph or a scanned image of your postal vote application form. Please send the completed form to

If you are sending an electronic copy then please make sure that the image is of good quality and that your signature is clear.

How postal voting works

Every time you vote by post, we will send you a postal voting statement.

You need to complete this with your signature and date of birth and return it to us.

The signature and date of birth on the statement will be checked against your original application to make sure nobody else can use your vote.

It is very important that you are extra careful when completing your postal vote application and make sure you sign the same way each time.

If you can't sign the application form, or can't sign the same way every time, please email to request an application to waive the requirement to provide a signature.

The deadline to apply for, amend or cancel a postal vote is 5pm on the eleventh working day before an election.

Cancelling or amending your postal vote

If you no longer wish to have a postal vote, you need to let us know in writing, providing your full name, full address and you must sign the letter.

If you wish to amend you postal vote, please complete a new postal vote application form

Voting by post as a proxy

If you have been set-up to vote by proxy for somebody, you can apply to vote for them by post.

You will need to complete a postal proxy application form. For more information and the application form, go to the proxy voting page.

If you set-up at postal proxy, you and the person you are proxy for are not permitted to vote at a polling station.

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