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Election service

In line with government guidance on coronavirus a number of our buildings are now closed. The Elections team are working from home and are unable to send out registration forms as quickly as they normally would. Please complete a registration form online if you are able to. Register online on the GOV.UK website

Registration dates

By law, the Electoral Register is updated on the first working day of every month except October and November (when we don't update).

The table below sets out the dates we need to have received your application so that your name can be added to the register the next month. It also has the dates we need to have received any further evidence from you for your details to be added to the register.

Rolling register dates
​We need to have got your application by... If you are asked to provide further evidence, we need to have it by... To include you in the register that's published on...
11 December 2019 19 December 2019 2 January 2020
10 January 2020 20 January 2020 3 February 2020
7 February 2020 17 February 2020 2 March 2020
10 March 2020 18 March 2020 1 April 2020
7 April 2020 17 April 2020 1 May 2020
​7 May 2020 18 May 2020 1 June 2020
9 June 2020 17 June 2020 1 July 2020
10 July 2020 20 July 2020 3 August 2020
10 August 2020 19 August 2020 1 September 2020


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