European elections


Party Votes
Animal Welfare Party 1043
Change UK – The Independent Group 2087
Conservative and Unionist Party 6679
Green Party 4762
Labour Party 7550
Liberal Democrats 8258
The Brexit Party 32165
UK European Union Party (UKEUP) 513
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 3675
Women’s Equality Party 680
Daze Aghaji 13
Roger Hallam - Independent 30
Alan Dennis Kirkby - Independent 10
Kofi Mawuli Klu - Independent 17
Zoe Delemere Lafferty - Independent 15
Claudia Mcdowell - Independent 29
Andrew Medhurst - Independent 27
Henry Muss - Independent 9
Mike Shad - Independent 6
Ian Sowden - Independent 12
Andrea Venzon - Independent 5
Total number of votes 67585
Number of ballot papers rejected Votes
a) want of an official mark 2
b) voting for more than one registered party 202
c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
d) unmarked or void for uncertainty 242
The total number of rejected ballot papers was (a+b+c+d) 446

Details of the 2014 European election can be found on our democracy portal.

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