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Election service

In line with government guidance on coronavirus a number of our buildings are now closed. The Elections team are working from home and are unable to send out registration forms as quickly as they normally would. Please complete a registration form online if you are able to. Register online on the GOV.UK website

Annual canvass

Each year we must check we have the correct information on the electoral register. This process is known as the annual canvass.

We do this by sending out a household enquiry form to every property. This lists everyone currently registered to vote at the address.

It is a legal requirement for you to respond to the household enquiry form even if there are no changes to your details.

The forms for 2019 will be delivered between 23 August and 30 August and are addressed to ‘The occupier’ as they are about all of the residents at the address and not a specific individual.

What you need to check when you get the household enquiry form

When you receive your form, you need to check the details that are printed on the inside are correct. Any adult in the household can respond to the form.

If you registered to vote after 9 August your name may not show on the form. You will need to add your name, so that we know you are still at the property.

If someone is listed on the form and you have told us they have moved out, please cross out their name on the form and return it in the envelope provided. We must have two separate sources of information about somebody moving out before we can delete them.

If somebody isn’t listed on your form and they are eligible to be registered to vote, you will need to let us know their name. Please note that this does not register them to vote. They will separately need to complete an application to register to vote, which they can do online at

Completing your Household Enquiry Form

Before responding online or by phone, please have your security code ready.

Complete your Household Enquiry Form online

If there are no changes to make, and you haven’t responded online for your household, you can choose to respond by text or using the automated phone service.

Details on using the text or phone service can be found on the front page of your paper Household Enquiry form.

Alternatively, you can complete the paper form and post it back in the envelope provided (postage is free).

If you respond online, by phone or text, you don’t need to return the paper form.

If you lose your form you can contact us by email at and tell us your address, the names of everyone 16 years or over and their nationalities.

What happens after you respond?

If you have responded by telling us that there are no changes, then you do not need to do anything else after responding.

If you have told us about new people at your address, then they will each need to register to vote at

If anyone’s details have changed, such as a change of name, we will write to them to let them know what they need to do.

What happens if you fail to respond?

If you do not respond to your household enquiry form, you will continue to receive reminders, you may receive a visit from an electoral services canvasser and you could be fined up to £1000.

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