Tenant management organisations (TMO's)

Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) involve tenants in an area taking responsibility for day-to-day management and repairs. The Council still owns the property and tenants keep their secure tenancy.

To take over management, the tenants must set up a properly constituted organisation – a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).The responsibilities of the Council and the TMO are negotiated and set out in a management agreement.

Each TMO must have a committee, elected by members that oversees the management of the estate. People with specialist skills may be co-opted onto the board to offer particular knowledge or experience.

If you would like more information about Tenant Management Organisations please look on the Gov.uk website. You can contact one of the TMO’s directly by clicking on the links below.

Some of the Council's estates are managed by residents under what is known as Tenant Management Organisations (TMO's).

Currently, there are three TMOs in Havering:


BETRA (Barnstaple Estate Tenants ​and Residents Association) was set up in April 2004 and manages homes and grounds maintenance on behalf of the Council for the Barnstaple Road and Montgomery Crescent estate.

The TMO provides housing management to 216 homes.


DELTA (Durham and Elvet Avenue Tenant Management Organisation) took over housing management services from the Council in 2006.

It manages 277 flats, bungalows and maisonettes situated in Elvet Avenue and Durham Avenue and four properties in Squirrels Heath Lane in Gidea Park. Around 185 of these are made up of council tenants with the remainder being leasehold properties.​


PETRA (Parkhill Estate Tenants and Residents' Association) took over local housing management services from the Council in 2003.

The estate contains three tower blocks:

  • Uphavering House
  • Parkview House
  • Overstrand House

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