It's usually an illegal eviction if your landlord:

  • forces you to leave by threatening or harassing you (this can include acts such as interrupting your supply of electricity or other services)
  • physically throws you out
  • stops you from getting into parts of your home (eg shared accommodation)
  • changes the locks while you're out

Illegal eviction is a criminal offence and the Local Authority have powers to intervene in such matters.

If you believe you are experiencing harassment or illegal eviction you contact the Private Sector Housing Team on 01708 432006, for further advice and support.

If physical violence is involved please call the police.

If you require emergency accommodation the out of hour’s number is 01708 433999.

Not all evictions are unlawful.

If you have received a possession order or have become intentionally homeless you should contact the Housing Options team by email housing.solutions@havering.gov.uk or phone on 01708 432824.

For more information and advice on evictions and other housing matters, we recommend visiting Shelter’s website.

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