Intermediate rent

Intermediate rent offers you the opportunity to rent a brand new or refurbished home, or a home that is being re-let at less than the market rate.

The rent charged is normally approximately 20% lower than what you would expect to pay for a similar home in a similar area if you were renting from a private landlord. As well as being more affordable, you have the assurance that your home is built, managed and let by a Registered Housing Provider.

Intermediate rent has traditionally only been available to key workers, although this choice is now available to other home seekers who are not high priority for social rent or affordable rent homes (homes usually allocated to those in the most urgent housing need) and who cannot afford to buy a home of their own outright but who would like to save to buy a home in the next five years.

Letting period

Intermediate rented homes are usually let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy basis with a six month contract period. You may have the opportunity to rent a home for longer than this initial contract period but this will depend on your landlord’s future plans for the home.

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