How to help rough sleepers in the cold weather

Because of the current low temperatures the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol is now in place to ensure that no one needs to sleep on Havering’s streets during the cold spell. If you spot someone sleeping rough call 01708 432824, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. After 5pm please call 01708 433999. You can also visit StreetLink to help

Disputing service charges

Leaseholder Valuation Tribunal (LVT)

The purpose of a Leaseholder Valuation Tribunal (LVT) is to resolve disputes about service charges​ between leaseholders and landlords. ​

LVTs are independent and impartial. They normally consist of three members: a lawyer, a valuer and a lay person.​​​​

Hearings are semi-formal, evidence is not given under oath and applicants do not have to be represented by a solicitor or barrister.​

Applicants are required to provide evidence to support their case. The tribunal will hear both sides of the argument and then determine the issue. Their conclusion is issued in writing a short time after the hearing. The LVTs determination is binding on all the leaseholders concerned.

LVTs can hear cases about issues such as:

  • the reasonableness of service charges (including major works)
  • insurance cover or premiums
  • appointment of a manager (where the landlords management of a building is unsatisfactory)
  • variations to leases

In the first two instances above, applications to the LVT can be made by one or more leaseholders or by the landlord.

LVTs can also give landlords permission not to go through legal consultation procedures if works that are to be undertaken are of an urgent nature.

A set fee is payable by the applicants. Once the LVT has made a determination they cannot award costs. They can however, make an order requiring full or part refund of the fee. Applicants in receipt of some benefits may be exempt from payment of the fee.

Get in touch 

By phone: 020 7 446 7700

In writing: 

Leaseholder Valuation Tribunal (LVT),
​Whittington House, 
19-30 Alfred Place, 
WC1E 7LR. 

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