Prosecutions and appeals

Most people want to comply with the law and therefore we take care to help businesses, landlords and others to meet their legal obligations.

Failure to do so generally stems from ignorance or carelessness but sometimes from wilfulness or malice. Firm action will be taken where appropriate against those who break the law or act irresponsibly.

A failure to license an address is a criminal offence and the Council may take prosecution proceedings or impose a financial penalty of up to £30,000. On conviction, the court may impose an unlimited fine. You could also have control of your unlicensed properties taken away from you, and be ordered to repay up to 12 months rent to the Council or your tenants.

There are usually rights of appeal against formal action and advice on how to appeal will be clearly set out in writing at the time the action is taken. The Council aim to carry out enforcement work in a fair, practical and consistent manner in accordance with our enforcement policy.

If you disagree with the decision, you’re entitled to make a complaint directly to the council.

You may also appeal to the residential property tribunal within 28 days if you disagree with any of the council’s decisions.

Residential property tribunal
10 Alfred Place

020 7446 7700


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