Selling to us

Any contract opportunities with us, which are advertised, are publicised via capitalEsourcing.

Our strategy is set out in the Contracts Procedure rules.

We buy a wide range of goods and services across all our departments.

The procedures for making these purchases are subject to European and domestic public procurement law and are governed by our Contracts Procedure Rules.

These rules are part of our standing orders and set out the procurement processes that must be followed.

Terms and conditions of contract

The precise terms and conditions of a contract with the Council will vary depending on its value and what is being bought. The Council does however have standard terms and conditions of contract which will be incorporated into most of its contracts.

Electronic procurement ('iProcurement')

The Council has implemented an electronic 'procure-to-pay' system called 'iProcurement'. This system means that orders placed by the Council are sent to our chosen suppliers electronically (these are called 'e-orders'). Invoices are generated and payments made electronically too.

'iSupplier' is the suppliers' interface to the Council's iProcurement system.

iSupplier allows our suppliers to:

  • Receive orders via email
  • View all orders placed with them by the Council, both current and historical
  • 'Flip' orders (ie convert an order to an electronic invoice back to the Council)
  • View when payment for each order will be/has been made
  • Communicate with the purchaser if clarification of the order/delivery is required

If you are chosen as a supplier to the Council, you will be required to register with iSupplier.


If you have a concern about any tender exercise or procurement generally, you should contact customer relations. You can also contact the Contract Monitoring Officer whose name is in any Invitation to Tender document sent to you.



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