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The Business Development Team is the single point of contact for all businesses looking to start, expand or relocate to the borough.

We are determined to see the area thrive and are dedicated to ensuring that businesses succeed in the area.
We provide help on general and specific issues for all those running their own business.

We work in close partnership with professional service providers to ensure you have easy access to information on all business matters including recruitment and training, grant initiatives, planning guidance, and finance.
Our comprehensive network ensures we can deliver a strong infrastructure of support to your business.
If you own an existing business or are looking to start one, we can help.

Contact the Development Team

Business Development Team c/o Town Hall,
Main Road,

Starting a business

Havering is a very supportive environment for start-ups.

We have a wealth of networks and organisations for all types and style of new business where you can get practical advice, ideas and make valuable contacts.

It is always helpful to get advice about starting your business.

Visit to find out about setting up a business and get business support from The London Business Hub website.

Growing a business

Once your business is established and you’re making a profit on the products and services you sell, you may want to start thinking about how to grow.

Many businesses think of growth in terms of increased sales, but it’s also important to focus on how to maintain or improve your profitability.

Some ways to maintain or improve your profitability are:

  • look into ways of increasing your sales, both to existing customers and new customers 
  • improve your products and services by researching and testing changes 
  • develop new products and services, and sell them to new or existing markets
  • take on staff or training your current staff, including working with apprentices 
  • look for additional sources of funding, such as bringing in new investors
  • think about increasing online sales or exporting to new markets

For more information visit for advice about growing your own business visit:

E- Business Support Programme

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, small businesses need a partner who can help them navigate the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities that present themselves. Newham College is that partner.

Our E-Business programme is designed to give small businesses the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age.

We cover everything from social media marketing to e-commerce, as well as the latest trends and best practices.

Our programme is delivered by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses.

We offer a flexible and personalised approach, so you can get the support you need, when you need it.

Whether you are a complete novice wanting to learn how to use Microsoft Office more effectively or a more digitally conversant business owner keen on developing a stronger online presence, our business advisors and digital specialists are here to help you.

The training we offer

  • Website and content management systems: enabling you to edit and maintain the content of your website.
  • SEO: learn about a range of simple yet highly effective techniques and tactics to improve your company's visibility on search engines like Google.
  • Digital Business Tools: understand how systems like CRM or accounting software can help you operate your firm more effectively and efficiently.
  • Social Media for Business: discover how to create, enhance, and develop virtual business networks and grow your business via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Microsoft Fundamentals: develop the confidence and skills to use Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel).
  • Cyber Security and Data Protection: safeguard your data and clients through virtual private networks, ensuring your business remains vigilant and digitally compliant.

Our offer is free to all SMEs trading for over six months and based in the London Borough of Havering.

For further information please visit the Newham College E-Business website or contact, 020 8257 4204.


There is a wealth of support available for inventors and innovators, which will help bring your ideas and prototypes to market.

For more information visit:

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