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A number of resources have been created to help provide facts and figures about the health of people in Havering. These include a collection of resources and information which help stakeholders and readers to understand the health and wellbeing of local people and their likely needs now and in the future (these are also known as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment).

Our approach to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is to have: 

  • A number of overarching products​
  • A few carefully selected deep dives​
  • Other needs assessments and resources 

Overarching Products

These are broad overview products of the borough.

This is Havering – a demographic and socioeconomic profile 

Resources providing a snapshot of key geographic, demographic and socio-economic facts and figures for the London Borough of Havering. The intention is that this will be the “one version of the truth” or reference document for all local stakeholders. 

Full Document | Infographic Summary | ​Presentation​

Overview of Health and Social Care Needs

A report of an overview of Havering’s health and social care needs. Using routinely collected data, it describes the pattern of risk factors for ill health, the status of health and wellbeing and how people use local services.

Full Document

Interactive Ward Health Profile

An online tool intended to produce engaging, informative and interactive dashboards to highlight issues related to health and wellbeing within Havering wards by benchmarking against Borough and England averages to inform evidence-based decision/policy making and commissioning. 

Interactive Ward Health Profile Tool

Public Health Outcomes Framework

This document summarises performance pertaining to the health and wellbeing of residents of Havering, sourced from Public Health England’s Public Health Outcomes Framework.

Public Health Outcomes Framework Annual Report Download

Recent Deep Dives

These are more in-depth documents of the borough based on a particular theme.

Obesity Needs Assessment 2016

A needs assessment produced to inform the development of an obesity prevention strategy requested by the Havering Health and Wellbeing Board. 

Executive Summary and Full Document

Special Educational Needs and Disability 2016

A needs assessment about children and young people from birth to age 25 with Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND). It reflects the new obligations contained within the Children and Families Act 2014.  

Executive Summary and Full Document

Other Needs Assessments and Resources​

List and Links to Nationally Produced Health Profiles for Havering

Mental Health JSNA January 2015

Sexual Health JSNA January 2015

Drugs and Alcohol JSNA 2014

Children and Young People JSNA 2014

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2015

Equality Impact Assessment for PNA 2015

The above products are hosted on the Havering Data Intelligence Hub. 

This is a resource that provides general data, information and research about the London Borough of Havering. 

By hosting resources including data, analysis, surveys and reports the Havering Data Intelligence Hub aims to benefit the local authority, its partners and the public in understanding key information about the borough.

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