Stopping smoking saves lives

The introduction of the smoking ban in public places in 2007 has led to up to 11,000 fewer hospital admissions for lung infections by children.

In countries that have introduced the ban, there is evidence of improved heart and lung health of both smokers and non-smokers through reductions in second hand smoke.

Why stop smoking?

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing.  It will help you:

Who will benefit?

Everyone of every age benefits from stopping smoking.

More useful information on:

How can I get support to stop smoking?

It’s great that you want to give up smoking, and there are lots of websites, apps and resources out there to help you quit. If you’re a smoker who wants to kick the habit, you’re not alone and it’s highly likely that you've tried to at least once already. If this sounds like you, don’t let this dishearten you - you can succeed at quitting, and research tells us that you’re much more likely to with the right support.

Havering Stop Smoking Telephone Service

Call the freephone helpline number: 0300 123 1044 and tell them you live in Havering.

The helpline is a simple convenient way for smokers to access good quality, specialist advice on how to quit smoking.

Telephone-based support fits well into people’s busy lifestyles.

It is perfect if you’ve always wanted to stop smoking, but aren’t sure how, need regular motivation or someone to give you tips and advice about willpower and other issues associated with quitting.

You will receive free confidential ongoing support from trained smoking cessation advisers to create a quit plan and receive regular telephone counselling during the quit period.

The advisers will arrange call backs at regular intervals throughout your quit attempt. Lines are open 9am-8pm Monday to Friday and 11am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

There is also a really useful website called Stop Smoking London which explains more about the helpline service with frequently asked questions and provides other useful advice on quitting smoking.

The website will help you find new ways to quit smoking and is also a gateway to finding out more about the range of free and varied support available in Havering, helping you access the most appropriate support for you.

Specialist Stop Smoking Service for pregnant women, or anyone normally living in the same household as a pregnant woman

This is a free specialist service especially for you. Please speak to your midwife or contact the Stop Smoking Service for Pregnant Women on 020 8724 8018.

Switching to vaping

There is growing evidence that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking. Using an e-cigarette can help you manage your nicotine cravings. To get the best out of it, make sure you're using it as much as you need to and with the right strength of nicotine in your e-liquid.

You won't get the full benefit from vaping unless you stop smoking cigarettes completely.

You can get advice from specialist vape shops or your local stop smoking service.  The Independent British Vape Trade Association has details of local registered retailers.

Get more information about e-cigarettes on the NHS website

What is the Council and its partners doing to help?

We are working with partners to reduce the health harms from tobacco, particularly to prevent young people taking up smoking, and address the issues of cheap or illicit tobacco. There is legislation in place to make not smoking the easy choice, but there is still a lot than can be done locally to support the reduction in people smoking.

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