Join Our Team of Community Health Champions

If you are interested in promoting good health and wellbeing and you live, work or volunteer in Havering, you can apply to become a Community Health Champion.

Age UK RBH are commissioned by Havering Council to provide a free, accredited one-day training course leading to an RSPH Level 2 qualification - this is an opportunity to learn about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and how to help people we meet in everyday life to make wise and informed choices about their own wellbeing.

Once qualified as a Health Champion, you will be offered free optional modules of training in areas of health that interest you, for example mental health, healthy eating or physical activity.

You will also be given the opportunity to join our team as a Campaign Volunteer, attending fun promotion events throughout the borough.

For more information, or to apply to book onto the course, please contact 07538 798478.

Hear from our champions

Andrew LonghurstAndrew Longhurst

A trip through Romford Market was to transform the life of local resident Andrew Longhurst.

Already thinking that his fitness levels needed improving, he was greeted by health champion Sharon Adkins and her team who discussed ways he could improve his health and wellbeing.

Soon after Andrew hit the gym and now goes three to four times a week. His fitness levels have improved and he can run like never before, he says.

“I was unfit, in a bit of a low mood and needed a bit of inspiration, really. After speaking to them I decided to make the change,” said Andrew.

“I had My Health Matters’ induction and my attitude was better and I started to volunteer with Havering Association for People with Disabilities (HAD) and other charities.”

Now Andrew delivers a range of training in general health and has a qualification in providing care for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Support and encouragement to make the changes are constantly given along the way.

“It’s been so inspirational,” he said. “I would love someone else to enjoy this in the same way.  It’s always good to make a lifestyle change – a fit body, gives a fit mind,” he said.

Neil and Janet WaldenNeil and Janet Walden - Health Champions and Diabetes UK trainers/volunteers

Having the opportunity to help people to look after themselves comes easily for Neil and Janet Walden.

As health champions for the borough, they are able to drop tips and ideas into casual conversation to help local residents to find solutions to their health issues.

Neil and Janet are both Havering health champions and Diabetes UK trainers and volunteers.

They provide diabetes training up to three times a year to Health Champions and an additional three times a year to community and faith groups; while also providing information on a range of general health issues such as no smoking, mental health, alcohol, men’s health and nutrition.

“If someone has a health concern there is literature out there and we’re able to point them in the right direction,” said Neil.

“For us it has been about being able to give something back to the community and health is one area where we can be a positive influence.”

Janet added: “We share our experience which can help others, whether it’s making changes to their diets, and showing them ways that they can help themselves. They sometimes think they can’t change, but they can, if they put certain things in place themselves.”

Norma-Jean WyngardNorma Jean Wyngard, Master of Osteopathy

Norma Jean, a trained osteopath, said the great thing about being a health champion is that you are never alone.
She is able to discuss health advice and signpost her patients where to get it and if she needs additional information she can call on the My Health Matters team.

“While the patient is in your treatment room, I can give them some information about self-treatment. It could be about stopping smoking, being under a lot of stress or talking about a family member’s dementia.

“The resources that are available can make a massive difference to people and their families. A lot of people are not aware of what’s available and don’t know where to start looking, so you become almost like a sign post, navigating people.”


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