Response to fires at Arnolds Field, Launders Lane

This page brings together key information and the latest news concerning the land at Arnolds Field, Launders Lane, Rainham.

Here you can learn about the background to the current issues, read the latest public statements and view key documents in relation to the joint work being carried out by the Council with partners and stakeholders.


Arnolds Field is privately owned land in, Launders Lane, Rainham.

The site was formerly a gravel extraction site. Significant volumes of waste were subsequently deposited there without appropriate authorisation.

Due to the combustible nature of some types of waste, the site now catches fire, especially during hot weather.

Complaints from residents about smoke, dust and odour from the fires has become organised community action driven by concerns about the health impacts of the fires.

Havering Council has commissioned an investigation of potential health risks to inform future decisions about the site.

Statements and press releases

Key documents

Air quality reports

You can keep up to date with air quality readings for your area on the Breath London website.

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