Fees for removal of restrictions and purchase of retained land

The title deeds of former Council Houses often contain covenants or restrictions on the use of the premises.

In some cases the Council is prepared to release restrictions and the fees and charges for doing so are payable with effect from 1 December 2012 and are shown below and are reviewed periodically.

Legal fees

Please note that the Council will in addition make a charge in respect of its reasonable legal fees.

Restriction  Fee 
Restriction on a property or its curtilage to use as a private dwelling house for occupation by a single family and / or the persons occupying the property not exceeding numbers specified in S.77 of the Housing Act 1957 Release fee £5,448
Restriction that prohibits the use of a front garden for the parking of motor vehicles and the like The Council as beneficiary of the restriction does not seek to uphold these restrictions and can provide a letter to this effect without charge. If the applicant requires a more formal approach then the Council will provide this and legal charges will be payable. Other Council consents may be required - such as for dropped kerbs or a hard standing area
Sale of land at the end of the rear garden retained by the Council from a right to buy sale  
Up to a depth up to and including 2.13 metres £89 per square metre from April 2017
Depth between 2.13 metres and 3.05 metres. Area up to 25 square metres £112 per square metre from April 2017
Area over 25 square metres The Council will consider the value of the land on an individual case basis and the above square metre values do not apply
Where retained land may offer development potential either as a separate plot or if combined with other land In addition to the above costs legal and other administrative costs are payable
Garden Licence for use of land retained by the Council from a previous right to buy sale An annual licence fee plus Legal and Surveying fees
Standard Access licence granted to an individual over Council land in connection with a persons occupation of a neighbouring residential property An annual licence fee plus Legal and Surveying fees


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