What is child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSE)?

Sexual exploitation is someone taking advantage of your child sexually for their own benefit. It is a form of sexual abuse.

It can occur through:

  • threats
  • bribes
  • violence
  • humiliation

By telling a child that they love them, they will have the power to get the child to do sexual things for their own, or other people’s, benefit or enjoyment.They will seek to isolate the child from their family.

Sexual exploitation can also occur without physical contact, where children are groomed to post sexual images of themselves on the internet.

The abusers are very manipulative and often a young person will not recognise that they are being sexually exploited.

Sexual exploitation can happen to boys and young men as well as girls and young women. It can happen to a person of any background, race, ability, sexuality, age.

You're invited to a free theatre production

As part of the Council’s ambitious plan to make parents more aware of child sexual exploitation we have hired the Chelsea’s Choice theatre production company. They will perform a number of thought-provoking productions at various venues across the borough from Monday 23 April - Thursday 26 April. The performances will give parents an insight to how young people are groomed for the purposes of sexual exploitation, and the lasting impact CSE has on the lives of the children and young people.

Find out more about CSE theatre productions

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