Child death overview panel (CDOP)

Havering Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) are responsible for reviewing every child death within Havering (age 0-18 years old) to identify learning and make recommendations to agencies to prevent future related deaths. 

The procedures to be followed are set out in Chapter 5 of Working Together 2015 to Safeguard Children.

The primary functions of CDOP are:

  • collect and analyse information related to the death of each child
  • address the needs and welfare of any other children living in the household and the parents
  • to identify any modifiable factors that may have contributed to the death of the child
  • consider the possible actions, recommendations and learning points identified through each death and how best to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in the future 

Child Death Overview Panel Members

Our members are made up of senior representatives from the agencies below:

  • Public Health
  • Havering Clinical Commissioning Group
  • North East London Trust
  • Barking Havering Redbridge University Trust 
  • Police

For more information and enquiries on Havering CDOP  email​ 

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