Havering Real Nappy Scheme


Real nappies are made out of natural or synthetic materials and contain less chemicals than disposable nappies.

When using real nappies you can reduce your babies exposure to chemicals by using an eco-detergent, avoiding PVC-wraps, using organic cotton, hemp or bamboo products and avoid sanitiser. Tea tree oil is a good natural agent which you can use to soak in if you decide to do so.

Chemicals and gels used in disposable nappies are not subject to UK government controls or testing.

For more information you can log onto the Real Nappies For London or Go Real National Nappy Campaign websites.

Many families are suffering financial hardship and the Real Nappies for London blog gives you some helpful tips on how you can spend less money on disposable nappies and help reduce waste.

Real nappies can save you money in the long term and help benefit the environment too.

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