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Real nappy packs

There are several types of cloth nappies, and a wide range of brands and styles available to suit your needs or material preferences.

You can purchase cloth nappies through many online retailers and in some stores.

Our free sample nappy packs are available to Havering parents/parents to be/carers with children less than 18 months old (limited to one pack per child).

The pack contains everything you need for trying out two different types of cloth nappies, and include:

  • 1 x pocket nappy with two bamboo booster pads
  • 1 x all-in-one nappy 
  • 1 x pack nappy liners (100 liners per pack)
  • 2 x washable cotton cheeky wipes

Both nappies are ‘Birth to Potty’ nappies so can be used from birth although they fit much better on a baby of around 3 months and will expand with your growing baby until they are ready to change to regular underwear.

However, if you are keen to start from birth and want a better fitting nappy for a newborn then we do offer a small size shaped nappy as an alternative to the birth to potty shaped nappy, so just let us know.

Nappy pack applications

Your nappy pack will be sent via Royal Mail to your home address.

This offer is only open to Havering residents expecting a child or with a child under 18 months old.

Order a Real Nappy trial pack

Guide to real nappies

For more detailed information about Real Nappies, including types of nappies, accessories and useful tips download our Real Nappies Guide:

Download our Real Nappies guide

Help & supportReal Nappies For Life Logo

In addition to our cloth guides and help from our nappy officer, we have teamed up with Real Nappies For London who offer a variety of on line nappy sessions. 

Visit the Real Nappies For London website to see the latest events and book a place.

Washable wipes

Washable wipes are available in all different shapes, sizes and materials being ideal for hands, faces and nappy changes. They are a great alternative to disposable wipes which contain plastic, perfumes and other chemicals.

The cotton texture helps cut down on the amount of endless wipes being used in just one nappy change.

Washable wipes can save you money in the long term and help benefit the environment too! Simply put them in your normal wash and use them again and again.

Potty training

It's important to be prepared for potty training so you can tell when your toddler is ready. visit Department of Health's 'Birth to five' potty training top tips for useful information about potty training.

Have you considered introducing the potty at an early age? Elimination Communication (EC) or 'baby-led potty training' is a practice that can be used from birth and is often more practical than it might seem at first.

Visit the Real Nappies for London or Born ready websites for more information and for information on born ready workshops in Havering.

Further information on baby-led-potty-training can be found by looking at the Real Nappies for London blog posts:

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