Top tips to #StaySafe

With the nights getting darker and seasonal celebrations taking place, here are a few tips to help you stay safe through autumn nights.

Keeping your home safe

  1. Not sure? Don’t open the door. A genuine caller will happily wait outside while you verify their identity or call a family member/neighbour
  2. A dark house is a green light for burglars. Install an automatic timer to turn on lights when out
  3. Don’t tempt the burglars. Keep valuables out of sight from outside.
  4. Popping out? Lock up. Lock all doors and windows, even if you only pop out for a few minutes.

Keeping safe at Halloween

For residents

  1. Not taking part in Halloween? Simply display a ‘No Trick or Treating’ sign on your door. 
  2. See anything extra spooky? Report suspicious or criminal activity to the Police on 101; always dial 999 in an emergency.
  3. Be cautious when answering the door.

Advice for Trick or Treaters

  1. Trick of treating is better with a group of friends. Don’t go out alone or split up into smaller groups.
  2. Think road safety! Wear bright and shiny costumes so drivers can see you. Consider taking a torch or glow stick with you.
  3. Don’t call at homes after 9pm.
  4. Don’t call at any home showing a ‘no trick or treating’ sign. Not everybody likes to take part in Halloween, and they could be alarmed by unexpected callers.
  5. Never go into a stranger’s house, even if you are invited.
  6. Don’t vandalise anything or throw things like eggs, flour or paint. It can be classed as criminal damage or assault. A night of fun could end up with you being in trouble with the police.

Keeping safe with fireworks

  1. Don’t fool with fireworks. It’s an offence to throw or let off a firework in a street or public place.
  2. Attend a public firework display. Enjoy the spectacle without the safety concerns of organising your own event.
  3. Be considerate. If you let off fireworks between 11pm and 7am, you will be breaking the law (except on Bonfire Night when it extends to midnight).

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