Top tips to #StaySafe

12 tips

  1. Remember to lock your doors and windows at night and when leaving your home unattended.
  2. Ensure your home is well-lit. A dark house is a green light for burglars.
  3. Keep presents safe. Do not store presents in sheds or garages, and make sure of sight from outside.
  4. Don’t store expensive gifts in sheds and garages.
  5. Check and set your house alarm.
  6. Dispose of wrapping and packaging carefully – don’t advertise your new goods
  7. Take note of serial numbers on your new goods. You can register them with the UK National Property register, 
  8. Use a UV pen to mark your postcode and door number on new items.
  9. Don’t leave gifts in the boot of your car.
  10. Consider using a purse chain– these chains attach to purses and handbags and stop pickpockets when shopping
  11. Stick together – go shopping with a friend.
  12. Don’t walk home alone late at night – tell friends or family where you are and consider using a taxi.


The Metropolitan Police have created a series of books and videos to explain some of the most common scams and how to avoid falling victim to them.

Take a look at the guide to preventing fraud and cyber crime

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