Safer neighbourhoods board

The SNB works with Havering Police and Havering Council's Community Safety team to promote safety across the borough, and meets quarterly.

Key aims and objectives

Reporting to the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) the SNB has five key aims to achieve that are to:

  • ensure communities are more closely involved in problem solving and crime prevention
  • have a broad remit to reflect MOPAC's broader responsibilities, whilst respecting the view that local people know best what is needed at the local level
  • have a greater reach and ensure a more frequent refresh of ideas and views
  • achieve greater coherence between different engagement mechanisms, so as to provide greater public accountability in policing and crime reduction
  • make more efficient use of resources to deliver value for money and target funds at tackling issues of local concern and crime prevention

Board members

Chair of the SNB: Shelley Hart

SNB members include Havering Council's Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Regulatory Services, Councillor Viddy Persaud along with representatives from the following.


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