Unlawful encampment injunction

21 December 2022 - Notice to 106th Defendant (Persons Unknown)

In compliance with the High Court Order of Mr Justice Eyre dated 13 December 2022, please see the:

9 August 2022 – Update on the borough wide injunction proceedings 

In compliance with the Directions Order of the honourable Mr Justice Martin Spencer on 18 May 2022 Havering Council has received notice of the trial hearing and has updated the schedule of defendants, list of sites and map of sites. 

13 July 2022 -  Update on the borough wide injunction proceedings

Following the hearing and the Directions Order of the honourable Mr Justice Martin Spencer on 18 May 2022, the Council gathered additional updated evidence by the 13 July 2022.

2 September 2021 – Update on the borough wide injunction proceedings

Our map of sites and list of sites has been updated.

1 June 2021 - Update on the borough-wide injunction proceedings

Following the hearing of 24 May 2021 and the Order of Mr Justice Nicklin of the same date the interim injunction currently held by Havering Council has been amended.  

When the interim injunction was originally granted it contained a power of arrest against persons unknown.

That power of arrest has now been discharged against persons unknown only therefore the power of arrest remains in place against the named individuals. 

Injunction granted

On the 10 September and 11 September 2019, the High Court heard the Council’s claim for an Interim Injunction to prevent unauthorised encampments across over 200 sites in the London Borough of Havering and against named individuals.

The Court was satisfied the Council had made out it’s case for the Interim Injunction to be granted whilst the matter is listed for final hearing.    

Full details of individuals affected and the land in which the Court Order applies to is contained within the Court Order and the documents listed below:

  1. Court Order sealed on 12 September 2019 
  2. Schedule 1 - List of Defendants
  3. Schedule 2 - Map of Sites
  4. Schedule 3 - List of Sites

Injunction issued

The Council issued a Part 8 Claim form for an injunction, an application notice for an interim injunction and a without notice application for alternative service of the evidence.

The without notice application for alternative service has been granted by Mr Justice Phillips in the Queen’s Bench Division, High Court of Justice. 

The interim injunction application is listed before a judge on 10 September 2019 at 10.30am for a time estimate of 2 hours in the High Court.

Court orders, documents and evidence

1. Witness statement index and bundle

2. Exhibit index and bundle

3. Police exhibit index and bundle

4. Video evidence

5. Applications bundle which includes:

  • Sealed court order in respect of alternative service 
  • Schedule 1 – List of defendants 
  • Schedule 2 – List of sites
  • Schedule 3 – Map of sites 
  • Claim form (CPR Part 8)
  • Application notice for alternative service order
  • Application notice for interim injunction  
  • Draft orders

6. Exhibit RH2 injunction - Historical map

7. Exhibit RH4 injunction - Main map

8. Notice to persons unknown in London Borough of Havering


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