Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day Parade

Armed Forces Day is a day to say thank you for their hard work, dedication and efforts to keep us safe in the UK and across the globe.

Armed Forces Day 2021

Saturday 26 June

Our Facebook page will be posting events and activities to mark Armed Forces Day 2021. 

We encouraging you to help us honour our veterans by making your own pop-up card for Armed Forces Day.

The cards will be included in a community collage, to commemorate all veterans living and deceased.

This will be posted on Saturday 26 June 2021 as part of our Armed Forces Day virtual events which you can access via our Facebook page.

Pictures of the cards need to be emailed to us at by Wednesday 23 June 2021.

Go to our Facebook page

See our 2021 events listed on our events page

Armed Forces Day 2020

Saturday 27 June

We had several virtual events taking place on our facebook page during the day.

You could also take part in Havering's tribute by submitting a photo of you saluting. Email: 

Pictures needed to be sent by Monday 22 June. A large collage of pictures was then shared across social media platforms.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures to be included in our #saluteourforces Armed Forces Day collage. 

View the collage

Armed Forces Day 2020 events in Havering

Armed Forces Day 2020 poem

As they stood on the beach
And they looked so sad
Such memories of their comrades
And all the good friends they had
All their thoughts go back to June 6 1944
As their tears fall and their hearts couldn't break anymore
We could never imagine the horror of that day
As the landing crafts arrived and so many young men slayed
We owe so much to our soldiers that fought this war
Such immeasurable loss leaving so many distraught
As the years pass by it still cuts so deep
Always in our thoughts so many times we still weep
Their legacy lives on and their bravery shines through
Without our soldiers what would we do
Many stories are written and we should never forget
All our boys that gave their lives and the ones we never met
Thank you so much and God bless you all
For your ultimate sacrifice you stand so tall.

By Marie Wilkinson, Havering resident

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