Street parties

Want to hold a street party in the London Borough of Havering?

Please read our guide and fill in our application form to find out more and start the process of turning your street into a party for special occasions.

Apply to hold a street party

Once you have been granted permission

Please note, if you have been granted permission to host a street party, the:

  • event must be organised for residents and neighbours only
  • event must be free to attend
  • event must be respectful of other local residents who are not or cannot attend your street party, eg the volume of music or other noise  
  • road must be closed no earlier than 10am and opened no later 8pm as per the published traffic management orders

You must make sure:

  • all rubbish is cleared up
  • signs are clearly visible to all road users
  • access is still possible by emergency service vehicles
  • disabled drivers can still access disabled parking bays

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