Housing options

If you have 'no recourse to public funds' you are not eligible for homelessness assistance or council housing allocation from Havering Council.

If you are worried that you may become homeless you can contact Shelter Homelessness Charity on 0808 800 4444.

If you are part of the Homes for Ukraine or Ukrainian Family Visa Scheme you can privately rent a house by contacting a local letting agent.

Havering Council can support you with moving to private rented sector accommodation.

Average waiting times for a property on the Havering housing register can take many years and it does not guarantee success even if you are actively bidding due to the high demand for social housing.

Havering Council can help residents who would like to move to social housing in other parts of the country.

For those wanting to make a fresh start, Homefinder UK will assist in identifying a home that meets each household’s needs.

You can visit Homefinder UK website, call 020 7619 9705, or email enquiries@homefinderuk.org.

If you have refugee status, when you receive your refugee status you will have 28 days to move out of your accommodation.

We have also created videos that set out your options.

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