Havering Refugee Small Grant Fund Round 2

We are committed to supporting all newly arrived families and individuals in Havering, by helping them establish a life in the borough and making them feel like Havering is their home. 

The Havering Refugee and Crisis Response Team has been established to support all newly arrived residents, those who are subject to No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) and those seeking asylum who are accommodated in Havering. 

To expand the scope and delivery of support in Havering, a Ukraine Resettlement Small Grant Fund was launched in October 2022. 

Grant applications can be made up to this fund to a maximum of £10 000 for individual projects from one organisation.

The grant provides an opportunity for voluntary, community and faith sector organisations, and other organisations, to develop, expand and deliver projects that support the needs of arrivals in Havering. 

The Round 1 funding was very successful, and we are now pleased to launch Round 2 of the Havering Refugee Small Grant Fund, from Monday 3 July 2023 until its close at 4pm on Friday 4 August 2023.

Find out more about the Ukraine Resettlement Small Grant Fund and apply

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