Serious Violence Strategy

Do you need to report a crime? Go to the Metropolitan Police crime reporting page.

The 2022 Police, Crime Courts and Sentencing Act places a statutory duty on all local authorities to comply with the Serious Violence Duty.

It is a legal requirement that makes councils and local services responsible for working together to prevent and reduce serious violence.

You can find out more about the Serious Violence Duty on the GOV.UK website.

Havering is required to maintain a Serious Violence Strategy, setting out how the council and its partners are working to reduce violence.

Read the latest version of the strategy

For more data on local violence, the Metropolitan Police Service and the Greater London Authority offer some useful dashboards.

You can also find data on local crime in the Havering Data Intelligence Hub.

A number of services are available in Havering to support young people and their parents in relation to violence and exploitation. You can find more information in the Havering Family Services Hub.

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