Countdown to new waste contract

Urbaser Ltd will take over the running of our rubbish and recycling on Monday 23 October 2023. Read our news item about the new contract

Online mapping system

Use our Havering online mapping system, Aurora, to find planning application boundaries; conservation areas; your nearest libraries and recycling centres; and much more.

Launch the Aurora map

How to use Aurora

You do not have to enter a postcode as you can select items and use the map zooming controls to browse however, for the best experience, using a location to start from is the best way to use this map.

Using the 'Legend' section

  • enter your postcode and select an address
  • click on a '+' to expand a section
  • tick the item you want to view on the map
  • navigate around the map by zooming in and out and dragging the pin
  • click on the map on the highlighted area or property to view more details

Example: If there is an area with a tree under a tree preservation order it will change to have green dots on it. If you drag the pin onto this area and then click the pin you will get further information by clicking the "TPO" link.

Using the 'Find My Nearest' section

  • enter your postcode and select an address
  • click on the 'Find my nearest' drop down
  • click on the item you want

Example: Clicking on 'Secondary schools' will cause the map to zoom out to show all the nearest schools and the side menu will change to a list of the schools with contact details and you can click on the list for more information.

Using the 'Find Records' section

  • click on the record category
  • select form the drop down the record you want to view
  • click next to see details

Example: Clicking on 'Off licence' will bring up a drop down for you to select the record from. Click on next and the side menu will change to that record with contact details and you can click on the record for more information.


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