Beware of scams

We have been made aware of a company in the UK, claiming to be part of a Telecare service using the number 01415 360922 to request payment for new equipment.

Please be aware we do not request payment via the phone and this was a scam.

If you receive a call that you were not expecting, take note of the phone number and company name then end the call and call the police immediately.

Please be safe and press your pendant if you would like to double check any calls you may have received from our service.

What our customers say

We wish to say a sincere thank you to your team for the way they have looked after my mother Eva over a number of years.

We have appreciated the way they have responded to numerous calls to pick Eva up from the floor and also provided suitable equipment. 

Eva died on Saturday 8 August 2020, in the early hours of the morning in her sleep. The carers found her at their morning call.

She achieved her wish of remaining in her own home until the end.  Your department's support played an important contribution to staying at home and achieving a peaceful end.

Thank you to all your staff who have been very caring and considerate to Eva, and also communicated effectively with us as a family.

It is a 5 star review from us.

Best wishes Margaret Reeves (daughter) and Eva's sister Iris and daughter Christine.

It is very valuable for my wife to have the emergency pendant as she is very anxious and therefore is able to call for help if necessary. Her Parkinsons disease means that she has limited mobility and also at risk of a fall.

I've never had to call them yet but it is a great peace of mind to know that if I need to they are there to help me. I'm grateful. 

Completely satisfied for all the times four in all. Two treated at home, two ambulance was called to take me to hospital.  I have so much faith in your service.