Mem-x voice reminder


What is a Mem-x voice reminder?

Mem-x is a voice memory aid. It tells the user in a pre-recorded voice all they have to do at that time, from special events to taking medication.

The Mem-x reminder can store up to 90 messages, each up to 10 seconds in length.

Who is it for?

The Mem-x reminder is a very useful aid for those with memory problems who are having difficulty remembering to carry out both simple daily living and occasional tasks, but who could carry on living independently provided that they are prompted to perform these tasks by a familiar voice.

 Typical tasks might be for example:

  • Taking medication or other liquids
  • Eating
  • Remembering appointments – for example, doctor’s visits, visits to relatives or the shops
  • Remembering family birthdays and other events
  • Remembering to lock doors or let pets in/out

How does it work?

Messages can be scheduled to play on a regular daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis or they may be occasional ‘one off’ messages.

At the precise time required the alarm sounds (there are five sound options).

To hear the message the user presses the large blue button on the front face of the Mem-x.

This cancels the alarm and the pre-recorded message is then played.

How to order

To order call 01708 432 843 or email

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