Pivotell pill dispenser

Pill dispenser

What is the Pivotell automatic pill dispenser?

For those on a complex pill regime, taking prescribed medication at the right dose and at the right time can be confusing and difficult.

Not taking medication as prescribed can have major consequences, particularly if the person is elderly or vulnerable.

A key benefit of Pivotell automatic pill dispensers is that they make the correct dose, and only the correct dose, available at the correct time.

All other pills are safely locked in the dispenser out of sight, helping prevent an incorrect dose or an overdose being taken.

Who is it for?

 The dispenser is ideal if a person:

  • has a problem managing their medication
  • is on a stable medication regime
  • wants to take their medication correctly, but has some confusion
  • has difficulty remembering time and date
  • has difficulty making a rational choice about which compartment to open in a medication blister pack or dossette box

How to order

To order call 01708 432 843 or email telecare@havering.gov.uk

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