Heat alarm

Heat alarm

What is the heat alarm?

The Tunstall heat alarm is a wireless, indoor sensor which gives early warning of potential fire in the home and raises an alarm to alert help.

How does it work?

The heat alarm is easily fitted onto the ceiling and raises an alarm if the temperature rises to 58°C.

When activated, the heat detector sounds an audible alarm to notify the person in the property.

At the same time, an alert is transmitted to a monitoring centre via a Lifeline home unit or Tunstall enabled telecare system, to ensure the most appropriate and immediate action.

Who is it for?

It is suitable for anyone living independently who is potentially at risk of fi re within their home.


  • Audible heat detection alarm
  • Automatic alerts to a telecare monitoring centre
  • Simple test button to raise a testing call via the connected Tunstall home unit
  • Sealed internal lithium battery powering both the heat alarm and radio module
  • 10 year (non-replaceable) battery life with low battery warnings – local battery low warning for the user and an automatic low battery alert to the monitoring centre


  • Reduces devastating effects of fi re which can include serious or fatal injuries
  • Reduces false alarms caused by smoke detectors
  • Reduces damage caused by fire to property and possessions
  • Guaranteed quality through the BS5446-2: 2003
  • British Standards

How to order

To order call 01708 432 843 or email telecare@havering.gov.uk

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