Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme locations

Mothers have the legal right to breastfeed anywhere, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, but poor facilities and negative responses can sometimes make this difficult.

The aim of the Breastfeeding Welcome Havering scheme is to:

  • make it easy for mums to find welcoming and supportive places to breastfeed
  • recognise businesses and organisations for promoting and supporting breastfeeding.

You will find the Breastfeeding Welcome Havering logo displayed in the windows of cafés, libraries, children's centres and other public venues around the borough.

Use our map to find breastfeeding friendly locations near you

How to search using our map

  1. Enter a postcode or street name and select your address to get the map to zoom in on your selected location.
  2. Either leave ticked or un tick the location types.
  3. Zoom in and out of the main map to see breastfeeding friendly locations in relation to the location you have selected and are centred on or click on 'Find My Nearest' and then 'Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme' to see a list of the nearest locations to you.

Go to the map to search for locations

Our list of Havering Breastfeeding Welcome locations

Cafes, coffee shops and restaurants

  • Ace Coffee and Bagel, Upminster
  • Caffe Gelato, Upminster
  • Costa Coffee, Queens Hospital, Romford
  • Harris and Hoole, Romford
  • North Street Cafe, Romford
  • Pink Parachute, Hornchurch
  • Queens Hospital Food Court, Romford
  • Rainham Hall, Rainham
  • Tasty Bolle, Romford
  • Tops Cafe, Hornchurch

Children’s Centres

  • Chippenham Road Children’s Centre, Harold Hill
  • Collier Row Children’s Centre, Collier Row
  • Elm Park Children’s Centre, Elm Park
  • Hilldene Children’s Centre, Harold Hill
  • Ingrebourne Children’s Centre, Harold Hill
  • Rainham Village Children’s Centre, Rainham
  • St Kilda Children’s Centre, Romford

GP Surgeries and Health Centres

  • Central Park Surgery, Harold Hill
  • Harold Wood Walk In Centre, Harold Wood
  • Harold Hill Health Centre, Harold Hill
  • Cranham Health Centre, Upminster
  • North Street Medical Care, Romford


  • Collier Row Library, Collier Row
  • Elm Park Library, Hornchurch
  • Gidea Park Library, Romford
  • Harold Hill Library, Romford
  • Harold Wood Library, Romford
  • Hornchurch Library, Hornchurch
  • Rainham Library, Rainham
  • Romford Library, Romford
  • South Hornchurch Library, Rainham
  • Upminster Library, Upminster

Nurseries and other childcare settings

  • Fledgelings Day Nursery- Romford, Romford
  • Fledgelings Day Nursery - Hornchurch, Hornchurch  
  • New Beginnings Day Nursery – Romford, Romford 
  • New Beginnings Day Nursery - Rainham, Rainham
  • Montessori Minds Day Nursery, Romford

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