Council launches new Covid-safe scheme for businesses

Published: Thursday, 28 October 2021

Havering Council has launched a new Covid-safe shop window scheme for local businesses, giving residents the confidence to shop safely in the run-up to Christmas 2021.

The 'Let’s be safe together scheme', which is free to join, will reassure customers that a business is going above and beyond to ensure it follows government guidance to avoid spreading Covid 19.

As part of the scheme, businesses will make a pledge to keep up Covid-safe measures, such as regular cleaning, decent ventilation and mask-wearing for staff that are not exempt.

These will be assessed and regularly reviewed by the Council’s community protection teams. 

Businesses that make the grade will be given a sticker to put in their windows to reassure residents they're doing all they can to keep customers safe.

The Council hopes that this will provide people with reassurance as they head into Havering’s shops, bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants over the Christmas period, especially as Covid 19 cases continue to rise across the country.

Councillor Damian White, Leader of Havering Council, said: 

“The pandemic has had a major impact on businesses and consumer confidence has been slow to return nationally as well as locally.  

“The aim of the 'Let’s be safe together scheme' is to help reassure the public that customer-facing businesses have safety in mind for both customers and staff, and are serious about taking special precautions such as regular cleaning and good ventilation. 

“We all need to continue to do everything we can to keep Havering safe in the face of coronavirus.

"I encourage all Havering businesses to apply for the scheme and display their 'Let’s be safe together' stickers proudly so shoppers know they can feel that little bit safer this winter.”

Sign up to the scheme

Shoppers who have concerns about businesses should continue to report possible Covid 19 breaches through the reporting form