Council-funded police officers awarded

Task Force
Published: Tuesday, 5 April 2022

A team of Havering Council-funded police officers has been awarded for making the borough safer by the Metropolitan Police.

The Havering Joint Task Force, are intelligence-led and tasked to tackle local crime and anti-social behaviour hotspots.

The Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Team of the Year Award recognised the Havering Joint Task Force efforts in targeting criminals, reducing crime and recovering stolen property.

Between November 2020 and October 2021 they arrested 249 suspects for a range of offences, 480 stop and searches and recovered a 116 stolen vehicles.

The Havering Joint Task Force has also been instrumental in planning and executing Operation Gambler.

This is a cross border initiative with the Metropolitan Police and Essex Police, targeting high harm offenders such as gang members, robbers, burglars and drug dealers.

Sergeant Ben Tanner, Havering Police, said: “I’m proud to lead a team of such dedicated and professional officers who worked tirelessly throughout 2021.

“Despite the difficulties faced by everyone during the pandemic, the team have continued to produce exceptional results and drive down crime in Havering.

“We have good strong working relationship with Havering Council which I hope will continue over the next few years.”

Barry Francis, Director of Neighbourhoods, London Borough of Havering, said: “The Havering Joint Task Force is an important service in keeping residents as safe as possible.

“This is a great example of sharing of information and the partnership working of the police and Council across Havering and our neighbouring boroughs.

"This award recognises the dedication of the officers and the enforcement team to continue to help tackle and prevent crime.”