New allocations scheme puts Havering residents first for social housing

Published: Monday, 11 July 2022

Havering Council is introducing changes to its housing scheme.

The new Allocations Scheme, which was approved by the Council last year, raises the income and savings threshold for prospective tenants.

The scheme goes live on Monday 1 August 2022. 

Under the old scheme, applicants could earn a maximum combined income of no more than £36,000 per year.

The new scheme introduces a two-tier system, raising the cap to £50,000 per year for applicants with one or more children. 

The cap for single people and couples without children remains at £36,000.

In addition, applicants can now have up to £30,000 in savings, up from £16,000 under the old scheme.

The allocations scheme also introduces a new banding system. 

The five tiers begin with those who have an urgent need to move, including life-threatening medical issues, those living in dangerous circumstances, those at risk of becoming homeless, and safeguarding issues. 

Further tiers take into account factors such as employment, ex-service personnel, care-leavers, and tenants needing to downsize.

For residents that still do not qualify for social housing, the Council is introducing its new ‘Opportunities Register.

It is free to all residents and promotes regular updates on shared-ownership opportunities and private rental properties, as well as providing advice for residents looking to buy a home in Havering.

Patrick Odling-Smee, Director of Housing, said: 

“We are pleased to finally see this new allocations scheme in place.

"This scheme is the work of extensive consultation with residents, tenants and the wider community, and it is imperative we adapt our policies to keep in line with the real-life situations our residents face."

Residents already on the register may see their banding altered to more accurately reflect their position on the register.

Those who are already on the shortlist to bid for a property will not be affected by this new scheme.

New applications to Havering’s housing register will be temporarily suspended between Monday 11 July and Monday 1 August 2022, as the council transitions over to the new scheme.

However, any urgent requests for housing will still be responded to through the Housing Solutions Team.

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