Best foot forward for School Street Scheme

Published: Thursday, 25 August 2022

The new term in Havering will see more schools take part in a trial of a School Street Scheme.

Following the success of phase one of the scheme in 2020, 10 more schools will begin phase two, starting from 5 September, on a trial basis for 18 months.

A School Street Scheme is when the roads immediately surrounding a school are closed off to vehicle traffic during specific times - Monday to Friday in term time only.

This includes during the drop-off and pick-up of pupils. The areas remain open to those walking, cyclists, permit holders and residents.

It comes after a consultation was held last year, getting the views of both schools and residents living nearby.

Although parents will not be able to use their cars, residents living in the affected streets will still be able to access the roads.

They will be able to register for an exemption to the scheme so they are not at risk of a penalty.

However, anyone else trying to access the road during the restricted times, which could be up to an hour and a half in the morning and again in the afternoon, will be subject to a fine.

If they don’t have an exemption.

To ensure that drivers comply with the new scheme, traffic signs will be put in place and schools will have a number of cameras to capture anyone breaking the restrictions.

The scheme is being funded by Transport for London (TfL) as part of a wider initiative to reduce vehicle traffic and improve air quality around schools.

Councillor Ray Morgon, Leader of Havering Council, said:

 “A School Street Scheme offers an opportunity to help improve the quality of air around a school and its surrounding community, help towards better road safety.

"It's a chance to encourage more active ways of going to and from school.

“We understand that some parents have to drive their children to school by car, as a result of the considerable distance that they live from their school.

"We’re nevertheless encouraging pupils and their families to walk and cycle more for healthier lifestyles.

“The general wellbeing of everyone in the community with less congestion and traffic in these areas during the school run, will be highly beneficial."

The schools included in phase two of the Havering Schools Streets scheme are:

  • Drapers Academy
  • Drapers Maylands
  • Lime Academy Forest Approach 
  • Drapers Pyrgo Priory School
  • Emerson Park Academy
  • Parsonage Farm Primary School
  • Redden Court School
  • Harold Wood Primary
  • James Oglethorpe Primary School
  • RJ Mitchell Primary School