Warm Spaces launched across Havering

Published: Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Havering Council is working alongside voluntary, community and local organisations and businesses to set up a network of Warm Spaces across the borough this winter (2022/2023). 

These include libraries, leisure centres, community centres, community hubs and other places.

They will offer residents a warm welcome and will be free to use for anyone struggling to heat their home over the coming months.

Some venues will also offer hot drinks, activities, and other services such as free Wi-Fi. Warm Spaces will be heated, safe and friendly places, where residents can comfortably spend time reading, studying or chatting with others.

The Warm Spaces scheme follows the roll-out of the Council’s cost of living road-shows.

These drop-in sessions are visiting locations right across the borough – providing residents with help and advice as the cost of living continues to hit our communities.

These events will be hosted by our Housing Resident Engagement Team and feature the Financial Inclusion team along with other Council services and external partners.

These events also provide additional warm spaces across Havering throughout November.

The Council is also working with local NHS and voluntary and community partners to set up further Warm Spaces in areas highlighted as being the most vulnerable to the cost of living crisis.

These additional spaces will respond directly to the needs of the local community, delivering joint services.

This could include money advice and energy tips along with Covid boosters and Flu vaccines and other health services.  

The launch of Warm Spaces comes alongside the Council’s new cost of living online hub which brings together all of the support available to residents – from financial help with food and energy bills to free school holiday meals and mental health advice. 

Councillor Ray Morgon, Leader of Havering Council, said:

“As we head into winter – people will be feeling the pinch and the cold.

"Just as we did with Covid – the Council and community and voluntary sectors have pulled together to help our most vulnerable residents.

“I am pleased to see the launch of our new Warm Spaces network across the borough along with our cost of living roadshows and further financial schemes.

"I hope that this will lend a warm and helping hand to residents who are likely to struggle over the coming months.

“We are going to be in for a difficult winter – but please rest assured that you are not alone and we will do all we can to help you keep food on the table to stay warm and well.

"Please also look out for each other. Check in with vulnerable friends, family and neighbours and let them know we are here to help.” 

Warm Spaces 

Cost of Living Support