Cabinet agrees new Vision and structure for Havering Council

Published: Thursday, 10 November 2022

Havering’s Cabinet yesterday (9 November 2022) agreed a number of changes for the organisation so it can better serve residents.

This includes a new Vision and Corporate Plan, a new Workforce Strategy and a new Target Operating Model (TOM) that will reflect the priorities of the new administration.

The new Vision and Corporate Plan sets out how the Council will deliver services to residents with clear targets.

Supporting this, the new Target Operating Model will move different services into three directorates – People, Place and Resources - so that there is a clearer focus and better working between departments.

This will be done over three phases, with the first phase being completed by the end of December.

It is expected that the full restructure of the Council will be completed by December 2023.

The workforce strategy will support this and ensure staff roles and policies are in place to support this change.

The Leader of Havering Council, Councillor Ray Morgon, said:

“As a council we strive to deliver the best services at the best possible value to our residents and in doing so, we've become one of the most cost effective and efficient councils in the country.

“However, times are changing and we need to be fit for what the future brings us. This is why we have presented our new Vision and Corporate Plan.

"This reflects the views of our new administration and sets out how the Council should move forward.

“To help us achieve this new Vision we are changing how the Council is structured with a new Target Operating Model. Finally, the new workforce strategy will underpin this so that staff have a clear direction in their working roles.

“This comes out of part of our early root and branch review. In particular, I want this to lead to better customer services to residents and reduce duplication and bureaucracy in the Council.

“This is not just about saving money, although I am sure savings will come from this work, which will of course also help our financial position.”