Casey review: A statement from the Council Leader

Published: Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Leader of Havering Council, Councillor Ray Morgon, statement on Baroness Casey review of the Metropolitan Police.

“It is quite clear from the report there are some real issues that need resolving within the Metropolitan Police. This is something clearly accepted by the Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley. We will do all we can to work with and support the Met.

“We must not overlook though the tremendous job our Police do every day in keeping us safe and we must acknowledge the very difficult and sometimes dangerous job that they do to protect us.

“This Administration supports our Police and this is demonstrated by the continued funding of our Section 92 officers who have done an amazing job catching criminals and helping their colleagues from the Met to crackdown on crime in Havering. I myself have seen this first hand.

“What is important is that Neighbourhood policing is improved, something the Commissioner is committed to and that there is a focus on a bottom-up approach to make our residents feel safer.

"We will compliment this with our own investment in CCTV cameras, continued investment in our Section 92 officers, as well as considering more permanent knife arches and ANPR cameras in the borough.

“I also hope that this greater focus on communities and the wider response by the Met to the Casey review helps turn our Police Force so that they become the organisation we expect and deserve for London and I will continue to work with our local Borough Commander to help bring this about.”