Cabinet agrees new dropped kerb policy for driveways

Published: Thursday, 13 April 2023

Havering’s Cabinet have given the green light for a new policy – aimed at making the application process for dropped kerbs for driveways more consistent, efficient and clearer.

This new policy comes in after a review of the old one which was first introduced in 2008 and had become outdated.

It often left residents confused about the application criteria.

It will now be easier for residents to interpret and it is hoped that this will reduce the number of disputes and appeals when applications are rejected. 

The policy will also include the latest standards and practices to prioritise public safety plus ensure any dropped kerbs have minimal impact on the streets, environment and trees. 

Councillor Barry Mugglestone, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“I’m pleased we have now agreed a new policy for dropped kerbs – making it clearer and easier for residents and officers to understand the application and decision making process.

“The Council generally receives between 500 and 1,000 applications for dropped kerbs per year and we recognise this is an important service for residents. 

"However, there are instances where a dropped kerb may not be appropriate due to road safety, environmental and other factors.

"I hope this new policy removes those grey areas for a more efficient and fairer service for residents.”

View the 12 April 2023 cabinet report