GLA Elections 2024: Havering and Redbridge Constituency Member results

Published: Saturday, 4 May 2024

The results of the election of a constituency member of the London Assembly for Havering and Redbridge held on 2 May 2024 are as follows.

Candidate Party Votes
Kim Arrowsmith Green Party  15,010
Mohammed Asif   Independent 11,768
Fraser Kingsley Coppin Liberal Democrat  8,240
Keith Anthony Prince The Conservative Party Candidate  65,037 (Elected)
Andy Walker Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts  2,145
Guy Owen Williams Labour Party  49,561
Alex Wilson ReformUK - London Deserves Better  19,696
The number of ballot papers rejected Number of ballots
Want of an official mark 0
Voting for more than one Candidate than voter entitled to 150
Writing or mark by which voter could be identified 2
Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 1,123
Rejected  1,274
Total number of ballot papers counted 172,731
Total Votes Number
Electorate 402,497
Turnout 42.91%

Results for Mayor of London and London-wide Assembly Members elections can be viewed on the London Elects website