Molly’s marvellous carrot cake hits the mark

Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Molly's carrot cake wins best dessert

Veggie Run school competition winner
Molly makes best carrot cake

Havering Council has awarded six-year-old Molly from Squirrels Heath Infant School with a years’ worth of free healthy school lunches.

Molly won this amazing prize after entering a recent Veggie Run competition.

During the summer term HES Catering Services invited all infant school pupils from across the borough to develop a new healthy recipe for the winter school menus.

Molly’s outstanding submission for ‘Molly’s Cora Carrot Cake’, successfully won her first prize. After half term, children will be able to choose Molly’s new recipe from the healthy school lunch menus.

The new menus also include a photo of Molly, showcasing her dessert.
Molly, from Squirrels Heath Infant School, said:

“I entered Molly’s Cora Carrot Cake, as I wanted to make a healthy dessert that used my favourite vegetable, carrots, and a character from Veggie Run. I worked at home with my mum to make this tasty recipe.”