Missed collections - 1 April

Staff shortages with our contractors SERCO at this time means there are some delays in collections for both residential streets and bin collections at blocks of flats. If your waste has not been collected please put it out on 2 April. View the roads and flats with missed collections

Garden and bulky waste services suspended, orange sacks and Gerpins Lane closed

Collections, and the renewal of contracts for garden waste bins and compostable sacks, has stopped. We advise you to home compost as much of your green garden waste as you can. We will not be collecting bulky waste until further notice and the Reuse and Recycling Centres at Gerpins Lane is closed. Running out of orange sacks? Put your recycling in a bag that is either clear or as see-through as possible, and label it as recycling. Go to our service disruption page for details

Coronavirus waste disposal advice

Tissues, disposable gloves and other related items used by anyone with suspected COVID-19 and those cleaning up afterwards, should be double bagged, then stored securely for 72 hours before being thrown away inside your usual black sack waste. You should not put this waste out with your usual rubbish for weekly collections until negative test results are known or the waste has been stored for at least 72 hours. Cleaning advice from GOV.UK

Go greener this Christmas

Published: Monday, 23 December 2019

Christmas is traditionally the season of good will, present giving, spending time with family and friends, but also sees an increase in household rubbish.

Over the festive period, food waste alone can make up a massive 80 per cent of black sack waste, not to mention all the leftover packaging from presents.

Havering Council has lots of info on how you can minimise your waste, save yourself and the Council money, plus help the environment at the same time.

Councillor Osman Dervish, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“Reducing your waste, use of plastic and recycling more, will all help make a big difference towards the environment and our costs of disposing rubbish.

“There’s lots of tips out there from freezing left-over food to making sure you take advantage of the Refill stations for free water while you shop. There’s also handy advice on how to reduce the number of bags you put out – let’s go greener this Christmas!”

Residents can also recycle their real Christmas trees with Saint Francis Hospice this year and there are details of the Council services for recycling your real trees.

Find out more about recycling

Advice and tips

  • Remember to take a reusable bottle or coffee cup out with you when you shop. There are refill stations in the borough – download the Refill App and find out where the nearest one is when you shop.
  • Don’t forget to ask for free drinking water when in eating places/shops that display the sticker offering this.
  • Break down cardboard boxes – you can leave them under your recycling bags, tie together if necessary to keep it together.
  • Don’t forget to take your glass jars and bottles along to your nearest bottle bank. If glass is broken, double wrap in paper and ensure there are no pointed edges sticking out before placing in your black sack.
  • Left-over food? Don’t waste it – lots of advice on our website
  • Remember to check out when your revised waste and recycling collection dates are over Christmas and New Year.