Young politicians go head-to-head in Havering youth elections

Published: Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Young people across the borough have taken to the polls this week to vote for their next members of the Youth Parliament

Six candidates are in the running to represent Havering on the Youth Parliament, and until February 14 they will be lobbying fellow school pupils to tell them how they hope to improve opportunities for young people if they vote for them.

Their manifestos are being sent to every secondary school in Havering and the candidates will be visiting schools to meet pupils and tell them about their pledges.

The candidates are:

  • Adam Ashour – Havering Sixth Form College
  • Aliyyah Gbadamosi – St Edward’s Church of England Academy
  • Jacob Owsley – Drapers Academy
  • Jazzmine George – Brentwood Ursuline High School
  • Luke DuFaur – Emerson Park Academy
  • Ronny Whetton – The Royal Liberty School

The manifestos include plans:

  • to have a curriculum for life
  • for votes for 16-and-17-year-olds in the general elections
  • to refresh the way school assemblies are run and have more debates in schools
  • for more affordable day trips for children and families
  • to tackle litter
  • to provide wider career opportunities for young people.

The two candidates that are elected will partner with local organisations to work towards their aims.

Councillor Robert Benham, Havering’s Cabinet member for Education, Children and Families, said:

“It’s an exciting and crucial time for young people across our borough to get involved in the youth elections. For the prospective candidates there is an opportunity to delve deeper into local politics and to make a real change for other young people.

“Our candidates are at the heart of how young people think and feel and will also be in a position to help change and influence the issues that matter most to young people.”

The candidates are vying for two places and would represent Havering in the Youth Parliament from March 2020 until 2022. They will replace the current Youth Parliament members Emily Thompson and Sila Urgulu.