Things children and parents can do during the Covid-19 outbreak

Things to do indoors
Check out some of the activities you and your children can get involved in during the lockdown
Published: Tuesday, 7 April 2020

With children and parents spending so much time indoors, we’ve been looking around for ideas to help families keep themselves busy.

We can’t capture everything, so we’ve handpicked some ideas that we think will help you keep entertained and educated during these unusual times.

What we’d like in return is for you to tell us how you’re getting on, by posting your stories on social media, using @LBofHavering. We know many of you already have, so keep it up.

Councillor Robert Benham, Cabinet Member for Education, Children and Families, said:

“We didn’t want parents to feel that they were instantly expected to become teachers. There’s a lot of information out there that they can tap into to help inspire and motivate their children, as well as themselves.

“We’ve seen some of the really creative things that our schools are already doing and we’ve already shared lots of online learning and fun activities, but we think it’s important that they’re at everyone’s fingertips.”

We’ve broken things into different categories – so here goes:

Do Something - Set a daily routine that works for you. For example, get up at a set time and start the day with some exercise. For example, hundreds of thousands of children and adults are joining body coach Joe Wicks each morning for a PE lesson.

Plan your meals and who is going to make them. Read and get onto your key activity of the day, be it baking, a box set, playing games, or maths and science homework.

Learn something – Try something new. There is tons of stuff to do, so why not try out an online course or do that activity you’ve been planning to do for ages. It could be polishing up on your grammar or learning how to film and edit on your phone.

Listen to something – Sharpen your mind even more. Listen to some new and innovative thinking on Ted or the BBC for instance. If you’ve got ideas, please share them on social.

Grow something – Spring is here. If you have a garden, you could grow your own tomatoes, potatoes or plants. If you don’t have a garden, is there something else you could do?

Do nothing – Take time to rest and look after yourself.  Looking after your mental health is more important than ever.

This is only a tiny bit of what is out there and new information is constantly becoming available, so visit our Family Services Hub and Local Offer pages