New CCTV cameras installed in Ardleigh Green

Published: Tuesday, 8 December 2020

New CCTV cameras have been placed in Ardleigh Green in a direct response to an appeal from residents and businesses to clamp down on anti-social behaviour in the area.

CCTV cameras installed in Ardleigh Green
One of the new CCTV cameras installed in Ardleigh Green

Swift action was taken by Havering Council to install the cameras at the junction of Ardleigh Green Road and Squirrels Heath Lane following a meeting to discuss anti-social behaviour in the area.

The cameras will be in place for 16 weeks to prevent further anti-social behaviour.

They’ll also help to identify people involved in any future incidents. The system complements the private CCTV already installed in the area and at the local college.

Nearly 180 people dialled into a virtual meeting recently to receive an update on the actions being taken to address some of the issues that have occurred in the area in recent weeks.

The meeting was attended by Havering Council Leader, Councillor Damian White, Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford, the police, college, councillors and Council staff.

A number of issues were discussed, including a serious incident at the college, security and the roles of the police and college.

Councillor Damian White said he was overwhelmed and delighted by the community’s response to the meeting and that it was an opportunity to empower all residents to be able to share their views.

He said: “We take all incidents of anti-social behaviour seriously and have been supporting the work being done by the college in numerous ways through our community safety team and children’s services who have met with the college principal, his deputy and a number of students.

“We are confident that the action that has already been taken has seen the number of incidents reduce considerably, however, residents and business told us they would feel safer with CCTV in place. 

“We have listened and installed high visibility temporary CCTV in the area. 

"It is important that any incidents are reported to the police to enable them to review the footage and identify those involved and take action.”

During the meeting, the principal Paul Wakeling outlined a number of steps that the college is taking to remedy the situation, such as introducing extra transport, reminding pupils about social distancing, wearing masks and by stepping up its security.